May Garden Update

10 Jun

Well, yes it is June 10. But better late than never, right?

It’s amazing what a garden can do in a short month with plenty of sun. After battling the shade all last year, I’m glad we sprung for building a raised bed on the sunny side of our house. For the most part, the plants are loving it!

I say for the most part – my Berkeley self thought it wasn’t too late to plant cool weather spring plants like spinach, peas and lettuce. Our new house gets HOT. Every day. So, some of these plants aren’t so thrilled with me. Also, the peas gotten eaten by snails. Again. But unlike last year, the snails won in the end. Ah well, at least my tomatoes and butternut squash are looking delicious already!

Without further ado, I give you – the tour!

Here we have basil, oregano and rosemary in the background, followed by some non-existent romaine (it’s not like it came up and then died, it just never really got going.) Round 2 of radishes are in front of them, followed by some lazy beets and carrots that I’ve replanted several times and are just now starting to take. The big star of the show here in the Butternut Squash, which has 4 baby squashes on it already!

Here’s a little section of the radishes we’ve already consumed – we just cut them up and add a dash of salt on them. A perfect pre-dinner snack!

Here’s the other view of the garden:

Behind the (naked) pea trellis, you have Oregano, Thyme and Cilantro. The peas are MIA, after having been consumed by a posse of snails. The good news is, I discovered their hiding space and took them out. The bad news is, it was too little too late. I might use the trellis for cucumbers – any other ideas? (we don’t like pole beans, so those are out.)

In front of the naked trellis, we have a cucumber plant that’s going to town, and some slightly crispy spinach. No matter how often I water these suckers, they are crispy. Not sure what to do about it – maybe it’s just too sunny? I never thought I’d have that problem! In the foreground you can see one of our two pepper plants. He’s loving the sun, and making lots of blooms, but no peppers to report (yet).

The tomato plant, on the other hand, has been getting busy this year. Last year, we didn’t see any tomatoes until almost the end of June, but we already have 3 good sized tomatoes that have been there for at least a couple weeks.

We were smart this year and got a cage on him early, which was good because he’s been growing at least a foot a week (or so it feels). He’s already up to the second to the last rung on the cage, so I think by the time summer’s out we will have a truly massive tomato plant on our hands.

All in all, this year’s garden is going much more smoothly than last year’s. The location has obviously helped, but I think I’ve also learned to admit defeat when I’ve been beaten and concentrate on what’s going well. The raised bed has been amazing for the lack of weeding, but I’ll say that without weeds poking up, I don’t spend nearly as much time out there with the plants, making sure everyone’s doing ok. The strong will survive, I guess.

Here’s a bonus photo. When we moved into our new house, this bush was a bunch of ugly sticks, but now, we have this to look at every day:

Isn’t that so cheery and bright? It makes me smile every time I head into the back yard.

So, any recommendations on summertime plantings? I’ve already sown some broccoli in a few of the romaine-dedicated squares, but I’m open to suggestions!

Happy gardening everyone!


One Response to “May Garden Update”

  1. mom June 11, 2012 at 6:19 pm #

    How about some pictures of the posse of snails, slithering off into the sunset.
    I will send you some pictures you can put up in your garden to inspire your plants! I think cucumbers would do well on the trellis, but may shade whatever is on the other side. The bonus is you could have cucumber and tomato sandwiches after your radish appetizers. Your squash look very healthy and will be tasty this fall. Don’t give up on the peas yet, get some seeds in the ground and get the snail traps set out. The peas will pop up in a week and you can see if you can get them past the escargot.

    Your flowering vine is amazing!


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